Tax compliance is a high-risk area, since the tax code is becoming increasingly complex, and making the wrong tax decisions could affect a company’s financial performance and even lead to bankruptcy.

Tax regulation is especially important today, in the context of the globalization of economic activity, when trade and financial transactions take place in many different countries, and consequently, in various jurisdictions.

This situation calls for understanding of and compliance with both the Russian tax code and the tax codes of foreign governments.

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners offers services in Russian and international tax law and advises clients on international agreements in the area of tax liability.

The firm’s specialists can provide professional solutions for tax efficiency and tax planning, transfer pricing, structuring of joint ventures, and selection of optimal tax jurisdictions and taxation structures.

We offer consultation on double taxation and other tax-related aspects of cross-border financial and business transactions.

In addition, we represent clients in interactions with taxation authorities and defend them in legal proceedings involving taxation disputes.

A separate aspect of our taxation practice at Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners is the defense of clients charged with tax crimes. These cases involve formation of a special working group, headed by one of the firm’s attorneys.

Our work is based on a detailed understanding of the tax code and the structures and procedures that govern its application. We also devote equally careful attention to ongoing analysis of the relevant case law as it evolves in a given jurisdiction.

The firm’s attorneys have knowledge and expertise gained from over 15 years of experience in this area, which has allowed us to successfully meet our clients’ needs in a variety of projects:

  • tax planning and structuring of mergers and acquisitions
  • determining safe and effective ways to invest capital, taking into account both the characteristics of the proposed investment and the jurisdiction
  • evaluation of the tax implications of foreign economic operations
  • effective structuring of the target of a sale or acquisition for tax purposes
  • tax planning for groups of companies, including the development of innovative business models
  • evaluation and modeling of the effects of financial and business transactions between dependent entities
  • transfer pricing and its justification
  • modeling of cost structures for tax purposes, based on the specific characteristics of the client’s business
  • representation of clients in tax audits
  • appeals of acts, decisions, actions and inactions of taxation authorities
  • judicial protection of clients’ interests in tax disputes

In order to provide the highest quality services in international projects we call upon our overseas partners from major legal firms in the EU, United States and Asia, with whom we have cooperative agreements.