Real Estate

The firm of Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners provides services in connection with real estate transactions both in Russia and beyond its borders.

We are involved in the transaction at every stage, from the planning and structure of the transaction to design rights and final documentation.

All the specialists in our firm follow a detailed agenda that includes careful analysis of all possible legal risks, title investigation and ownership history of the property, determination of any limitations on its use, and the legitimacy of its creation.

In the area of real estate litigation, our attorneys successfully defend the interests of owners in cases regarding property rights, recovery of real property, and challenges to the assessed value of property, and in disputes over the validity of transactions. We also offer our services to individuals who are not property owners but who have legal standing in cases stemming from lease agreements, free use agreements, or a declaration of trust.

A particular focus in this area of our practice is advising clients on the process and financing of construction projects, including due diligence regarding the specific project, developing an optimal working relationship between the customer and the contractor, and representing the client in the event of any violations of the construction contract.

The firm has served as a consultant to many real estate developers in complex disputes over quality, turnaround times, and production violations in building contracts, as well as in cases of industrial accidents.

Understanding the importance and complexity of building construction, Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners cooperates with the government agencies authorized to supervise and control construction, and observes all necessary formalities for the implementation of real estate projects, including state environmental reviews and obtaining the certificate of occupancy.

We are prepared to offer our clients all of the services listed above outside of Russia as well, by bringing in partners from the EU, the United States, and Asian countries.