Mergers and Acquisitions

Business development calls for administrative and financial decisions, including the identification of potential partners and competitors and the formation of agreements to merge with or acquire other market participants. In today’s environment it is impossible to increase productivity, attract capital, or expand the scope of your business activities without engaging in mergers and acquisitions, which must be preceded by a lengthy and complex process of due diligence, corporate approvals, formulating the agreement, approving a «road map» for its execution, and attracting financing.

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners offers professional support and maintenance for all types of merger and acquisition transactions, including due diligence on complex and specialized projects, participation in negotiations, administration of intra-corporate procedures prior to conclusion of the transaction, financial audits, preparation of all necessary documentation, and obtaining the required approvals and permits.

For work on mergers and acquisitions, we employ specialists in corporate and financial law, as well as in antitrust, taxation, labor regulation, and auditing. We place particular emphasis on due diligence with regard to the assets involved in the transaction, with the goal of determining the most acceptable and effective methods for dealing with them, the appropriate legal jurisdictions, and optimal conditions for financing.

In any merger or acquisition we consider the key issue to be setting up an effective system for managing the acquired assets. From one perspective, this system should not be overly bureaucratic, but nevertheless it has to conform to the administrative processes and the business model of the parent company.

The specialists at Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners provide complex solutions to multiple problems, not limiting their efforts to the legal process, but also analyzing the financial, organizational, and operational consequences for the client implied in any planned transaction.

The firm adheres to a specific agenda in the course of mergers and acquisitions, but this does not mean our proposed solutions are stereotyped or standardized. Each proposal is studied in detail and submitted for approval to all parties involved in the transaction. Only after the approval stage, documentation, and acquisition of permissions from regulators do we proceed with the transaction and fulfillment of all obligations. We take responsibility for every step of the process.

For mergers and acquisitions conducted on behalf of foreign investors or involving foreign companies, we bring in leading specialists from the appropriate legal jurisdictions, as well as external auditors.