Labor and Employment

In our view, issues of labor relations have great significance both for private individuals and for companies. It is not possible to organize the work of a company’s staff, create a system of management, and balance the needs of labor and management without an understanding of the labor laws and how they should be applied.

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners provides the following types of services in the area of labor and employment:

  • consultation on labor law issues
  • development of individual and collective employment contracts
  • participation in collective bargaining
  • protection of workers’ rights in the event of individual disputes
  • interaction with trade unions
  • representation and defense of labor rights in the courts
  • legal support for staff layoffs (downsizing)
  • development of local regulations in the area of labor relations
  • development of internal company documentation with regard to labor relations
  • representation of employers’ interests in interactions with regulators
  • challenges to the actions of government regulatory agencies and their officials
  • support during regulatory inspections
  • preparation of opinions on issues involving labor law compliance
  • certification of legal staff.

Our specialists in this area are capable of handling complex projects involving major downsizing of staff, including projects for large enterprises with large numbers of workers, which require a long-term presence in the region. In the context of such assignments we conduct negotiations with employee representatives, consult with employment services and trade unions, offer a detailed plan of action, arrange for all the necessary documentation, and conduct individual meetings with the employees. The firm also develops proposals for payment of compensation to the displaced workers and for their support, relocation, and education, to minimize the risk of damage to the reputation of the employer involved in the process.