Litigation is one of the most conservative areas of our practice, yet one where we are experiencing dynamic growth in both the number and variety of cases. This is due to the emergence of new markets and unprecedented goods and services, and changes in the forms of business interactions. The current development of manufacturing, finance and commerce means that law firms are tasked not only with protecting clients’ interests in traditional business transactions, with established procedures and clear interpretation. They also must provide innovative services to startups in the high-tech sector and companies entering the market with unique products created by the newest spheres of manufacturing, for which legal regulation is just in the intial stages, or may not even exist.

Our goal is not not merely to win a given case, but to achive the most favorable and reasonable resolution possible, so that going forward our client can avoid litigation and minimize legal risks and the related financial costs.

Our lawyers and attorneys provide advice regarding the choice of jurisdiction and legal authority, and the laws and statutes that apply in the relationship; and they participate in pre-trial negotiations.

Particular attention is given to the initiation of the proceeding and steps are taken to protect the client’s finanacial and other interests, analyzing and eliminating procedural risks as well as risks in the area of substantive relationships, assessing the impact of the judgement on the client’s business and its potential value as a precedent for the industry as a whole.

A working group of several specialists is formed for each case, led by either the senior associate or a partner. The activities of the group are highly standardized, both at the stage where the legal position is being developed and plans laid out for the proceedings, and during the trial stage. Considerable attention is devoted to keeping the client informed about the progress of the case, the basics of the proposed solutions, the implications of the solutions, and the legal position of the opponent.

This approach allows us effectively to represent our clients’ interests in cases of varying degrees of complexity in the these areas:

  • finance and banking
  • real estate
  • antitrust and trade regulations
  • construction
  • energy
  • taxation
  • lease agreements
  • iron and steel industry
  • oil and gas industry
  • mining
  • international trade
  • extraction and refining of mineral resources
  • lending

Our wide-ranging experience in litigation, understanding of law enforcement, and development of strategies for legal proceedings allow us to clearly formulate a legal position and effectively defend it, to achieve success even in very complex cases.