Foreign Investment

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners serves as a legal consultant to Russian businesses undertaking foreign investments.

Our specialists in this area not only conduct an analysis of the project and work with our overseas colleagues to structure the transaction, but also advise clients on safe and legal procedures for investment and allocation of capital that are best suited to their goals, outlining a basic program and investment strategy. On request we will select and suggest specific options and investment vehicles in accordance with the client’s needs, the proposed region, and the type of activity.

We begin working at the preparatory stages and take responsibility for registration with the appropriate legal entities in the foreign jurisdiction and for corporate documentation. We provide legal support for the process of securing financing, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, and opening various types of accounts with credit institutions.

Our attorneys can also take all the necessary legal and practical steps to establish a full-fledged office abroad, recruit staff, provide for accounting and tax reporting, and fulfill all other legal responsibilities.

In order to provide the highest quality services with regard to foreign investment and international business transactions, Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners has made agreements with leading legal consultants and investment companies in the European Union, United States, and Asia. These partnerships allow us to provide clients with all necessary services, including auditing, tax planning, preparation of financial statements in accordance with international standards, and consultation on the laws of the country concerned.

Our primary objective in investment projects is to account for all financial, organizational, and legal aspects, and for the reliability of the investment. Where necessary we also obtain permits from national regulators and confirm the legality of funding.

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners takes care of all the formalities associated with the transaction.

The team responsible for the project provides for the development and execution of contracts and arranges for their translation; participates in negotiations; obtains the necessary agreements and protocols; checks the legal aspects of the project, the quality and legitimacy of the assets, and their legal ownership; advises the client on the relevant laws and their application; conducts an audit and evaluation of financial performance; and arranges for loans and investment insurance.

Our two permanent European offices (in Prague and Frankfurt) provide the opportunity for direct interaction with all stakeholders in the project, and allow us to conduct all the necessary activities in one place, up to and including the physical inspection of assets (properties, facilities, real estate) and their documentation. We can move immediately to undertake a specific assignment, calling on the large number of highly qualified lawyers in the firm who have expertise in the area of international law and the laws of the EU.