Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners provides services to creditors, debtors, and arbitration administrators in bankruptcy proceedings. This practice consists of specialists with extensive experience in this area and a high level of professional expertise.

The firm provides comprehensive legal guidance for bankruptcy, including:

  • general advice regarding bankruptcy
  • initiation of bankruptcy proceedings and representation of clients in the courts
  • ensuring the inclusion of claims in the register of creditors’ claims
  • legal support for activities related to bankruptcy ( inventory and property valuation, auction)
  • defense of the client’s interests in the courts during bankruptcy proceedings
  • interactions with municipal and state authorities
  • participation in negotiations with the parties involved in the bankruptcy case
  • representation of the client’s interests during formal meetings (meetings of creditors and creditors’ committees)
  • appeals of the actions of bankruptcy administrators
  • opposition to inclusion of claims in the register of creditors’ claims
  • identifying and challenging suspicious transactions and other transactions by the debtor
  • providing for the return of illegally withdrawn assets of the debtor, including assets removed outside the Russian Federation.
  • legal support for criminal investigation if there is evidence that the bankruptcy is intentional or fraudulent.
  • representation of the client in criminal proceedings.

The firm provides legal support in the context of any procedure related to bankruptcy.

In order to promptly meet our clients’ needs we are ready immediately to deploy the required number of experts to any region of Russia.