Corporate Administration

Business efficiency depends on making quick and accurate decisions, so a company’s procedures for corporate decision-making are very important.

Several factors complicate this issue, including legal regulations regarding procedures and documentation of decisions taken, competing interests of the many parties involved, the direct economic effects on the company of decisions that are made under these procedures, and recognition of the risks associated with incorrect decisions.

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners offers unique services in administering corporate meetings of all types, specifically: general meetings of shareholders and of members; meetings of the board of directors and other boards, as well as other meetings of legal significance, such as creditors’ meetings; creditors’ committee meetings; constituent meetings; and congresses.

We offer advice in the following areas:

  • preparation and implementation of decisions regarding appropriate meeting procedures
  • formulation and approval of meeting agendas
  • validation of documents and materials to be considered
  • notification of the meeting
  • ensuring access to the documents and materials
  • technical and organizational preparation for the meeting
  • registration of the participants
  • document security for the meeting
  • starting and conducting the meeting
  • detailed presentation of documents and materials to the participants
  • consultation on any legal issues that may emerge during the meeting
  • ensuring that the meeting is conducted according to the established order of procedures
  • recording the proceedings
  • documentation of the decision-making process
  • documentation of the decisions resulting from the meeting

At every stage, from preparations for the meeting to the signing of the final documents, our actions are based on our professional understanding and application of the relevant area of law, our consideration of the possible legal risks, and our ability to interact with a large number of people.

The firm not only takes responsibility for the procedural details and formal protocol, but also advises the participants on the legal implications of the issues on the agenda, the legal effects of a given decision, and their personal responsibilities in connection with each vote. We also provide advice regarding the actions of other parties involved in the decision.

In our projects in corporate meeting administration, our priorities are full compliance with applicable legal procedures, achieving a profitable outcome for the client as a result of the process, providing a sound legal basis for corporate decisions, and minimizing the risk that the outcome will be subject to appeal.