Garage Center for Contemporary Art

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners provides legal services to the Garage Center for Contemporary Art on an ongoing basis. The Center is a non-commercial enterprise headed by Daria Zhukova, dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art.

Grigoryev, Merenkov is currently representing the Center in talks with Moscow authorities with regard to getting certain government preferences.


Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners, acting as external legal consultants, performs the functions of a corporate legal department for the Slovak construction company Niersberger—Slovakia (legal process outsourcing).

Among the many assignments the firm has handled for Niersberger was litigation arising from a contract for construction of the OBI supermarket building in Moscow. A subcontractor initiated proceedings claiming that they were owed 24 million rubles, plus additional penalties.

After a detailed analysis of the case Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners presented a counter claim to the plaintiff in the amount of 11,593,355 rubles. The trial involved more than 15 sessions over the course of 18 months, and several construction experts were called as witnesses. Through our efforts all of our client’s demands were satisfied, and the opponent’s claims were denied. The court’s decision was upheld by the Court of Appeals.


Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners represents the marketing company Toy-Opinion in litigation stemming from a service agreement, and also provides legal services in support of our client’s activities, such as standardization of forms used for contractor agreements and the development of the corresponding standard documentation.


Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners serves as legal consultant to i’way with regard to the protection and use of intellectual property. Our patent attorneys are registering the company’s trademark in the Russian Federation and the countries of the EU.


Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners has been providing legal services for more than two years to the Levada Analytical Center, a Russian non-governmental research organization.

The firm represents the Center on an ongoing basis during inspections by government authorities, including the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

In addition, our attorneys are involved in organizing and conducting meetings of the Center’s Board, serve as general legal counsel to its leaders, and are responsible for claims administration.


Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners has a long-term partnership with Rayonex, a German manufacturer of high-tech medical equipment. We served as legal advisors to Rayonex when they entered the Russian market, and assisted in establishing their Moscow offices and setting up operations there.

We continue to provide Rayonex with a full range of legal services, from the creation and implementation of standard contract forms to the certification of their products.

Concept Club

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners conducted an investigation and analysis of the work of the legal department of Concept Club, one of the largest clothing manufacturers and distributors in the Russian Federation. In the framework of this investigation we analyzed the responsibilities and work load of each member of the department, evaluated their professional knowledge and efficiency, and studied the results of the department’s work in detail, including the outcomes of legal proceedings involving the company.

Following our investigation we prepared a report including practical recommendations for optimizing the work of the department, and proposals regarding the composition and structure of the department staff.

By implementing our recommendations the client was able to increase the effectiveness of the company’s legal department and optimize the company’s return on investment in that department.


Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners serves as legal consultant to Plastic, the largest producer of polymer materials and polymer products in Russia.

The firm provides full legal support for the company, including coordinating the work of the legal department, and representing the firm in interactions with outside organizations and with supervisory and regulatory agencies.

During the past year the attorneys of Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners participated in the successful conclusion of key agreements with the Sibyr Company, a major supplier of raw materials and manufacturer of consumer goods. Our specialists were also consulted regarding tax liabilities and were involved in the preparation of legal opinions regarding the proposed acquisition of production assets.

Credit Moscow Bank

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners successfully represented Credit Moscow Bank in litigation with the construction company SU-155 to recover outstanding debts totaling 37 million rubles.

Thanks to the rapid and timely submission of the claim, in a very short time we were able to achieve not only acceptance of the claim by the defendant, but also full repayment of the debt to the bank.

Vagant Brewing Company

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners represented the Vagant Brewing Company in a dispute with MKB Zamoskvoretsky credit institution, which sought to recover outstanding debts and related penalty charges. As a result of the work of our attorneys , the parties were able to reach a settlement on terms favorable to our client, ending the litigation and allowing them to avoid further financial costs

FORTEX—Water Technologies

Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners provides legal services to the Belorussian company FORTEX—Water Technologies, a major manufacturer of water treatment facilities. We provide legal advice to the company’s leadership regarding their foreign economic activities, and also provide legal support in transactions for supplying water treatment systems in various legal jurisdictions, both in Russia and in the EU.