Attorney Profiles

Alexander Grigoryev

Alexander Grigoryev, one of the founders of the firm, specializes in litigation and also in legal guidance for bankruptcy proceedings and mergers and acquisitions.

Alexander oversees the relevant areas of practice for the firm and directs projects in the following areas:

  • representation of clients in arbitration courts, regular courts, and the International Commercial Arbitration Court for Russian Chamber of Commerce (ICAC); preparation of legal opinions regarding judicial protection of rights and the minimization of associated risks; legal appeals of the actions and decisions of regulatory agencies and other government and municipal agencies; preparation of claims and pretrial negotiations with opponents;
  • protection of clients’ interests in bankruptcy proceedings, creditor—debtor litigation and protection of assets, protection of the rights of creditors, ensuring that meetings of creditors are conducted properly, interaction with the responsible agencies, negotiation and approval of settlement agreements, general legal counsel regarding bankruptcy;
  • comprehensive investigation (due diligence) in the context of mergers and acquisitions; preparation, structuring and execution of such transactions; obtaining the necessary approvals and permits.

Before Grigoryev, Merenkov and Partners was founded in 2011, Alexander worked as a corporate attorney for major industrial companies. Specifically, he headed the legal departments of companies such as the Sokol’sky Pulp and Paper Mill, Zapsibpolymer (Evraz Group), Kuznetzmetalurgstroy (Evraz Group), and Stroyindustriya, and he also served as head of the legal department of the multinational mining company AFG.

Alexander also has considerable experience in the area of legal consulting, as he was a member of the staff of the Moscow office of Vegas Lex, where he held the position of senior associate in litigation.

Alexander graduated from two esteemed educational institutions, Kemerovo State University and Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. He has over 13 years of professional experience.

In 2006 Alexander completed a course in European private law at Charles University in Prague.

In the course of his professional career Alexander has assembled an impressive portfolio of successful projects, a few of which are listed below.

His clients include the following companies: Niersberger Slovakia, Credit Moscow Bank, Levada-Center, Plastic (SIBYR), Sil’niy Kuzbass, Toy-Opinion, the «Garage» Museum of Contemporary Art, Vitkovice Heavy Machinery, Novoshakhtinsky Petroleum Products, and Astrakhan Natural Gas.

  • Representation of the proprietary rights of a client in a multifunctional industrial complex in litigation with Russia’s largest coal company
  • A challenge to the decision by Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision) to revoke an oil refinery’s license.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings for several enterprises that involved relocation of the residents of company towns.
  • Preparation of legal opinions with regard to the acquisition of two coal mines in Siberia.

Roman Merenkov

Roman Merenkov is a founding partner of the firm and specializes in international trade, foreign investment, international finance and taxation.

As head of the related practice areas, Roman is in charge of implementing projects connected with international tax planning, allocation of capital abroad and related transactions. He also advises clients in the area of foreign law. In addition, Roman specializes in questions of double taxation; corporate governance of foreign assets, including the development of shareholders’ agreements; and in support of international financial transactions.

Prior to the founding of the firm Roman worked for the Czech company Dvořák, headquartered in Prague, where he started as senior counsel and became head of the legal department.

Roman served as a legal consultant to Polikom and to FORTEX—Water Technologies, for whom he effectively performed the functions of a legal department (legal process outsourcing).

Roman has 7 years of professional legal experience.

Roman Is a graduate of the law faculty of the University of Economics in Prague.

Since moving to Russia in 2011 to become a partner in the firm, Roman has contributed to a large number of projects. His accomplishments include the following:

  • He directed the development of a corporate structure for a foreign oil company operating in Russian territory.
  • He was responsible for structuring the acquisition of 100% of the shares of a Cypriot offshore company, which owned a group of manufacturing companies in Western Europe.
  • He served as a tax consultant to a Russian development company in connection with a construction project in the Czech Republic.
  • He provided legal support to a major German company—a medical equipment manufacturer—for their entry into the Russian market.
  • He headed an international team of experts in the field of law and financial auditing in conducting due diligence procedures on behalf of a major metallurgical company seeking to acquire real estate for industrial use in the EU.

Among Roman’s key clients are Niersberger Slovakia, Credit Moscow Bank, Levada-Center, Plastic (SIBYR), Toy-Opinion, the «Garage» Museum of Contemporary Art, Vagant Brewing Company, Media Markt Saturn, Rayonex, i’way transport company, NefteUgleMet Holding Company, and Region Avia airlines.

Roman is fluent in English and Czech and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.